Bishop of London blesses new building at Holy Trinity and S. Silas Church of England Primary School, Camden

The Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, has blessed the new building at Holy Trinity and S. Silas Church of England Primary School, Camden, and delivered a service of thanksgiving at Holy Trinity Church.

The Bishop delivered the initial Rite in the downstairs hall of the School, attended by representatives from each class from Reception to Year Six. As part of the blessing, the Bishop dedicated the building to, “the education of youth, to the progress of the sciences and arts, and to learning”, praying that the new building becomes, “a place where students and teachers, imbued with the words of truth, continue to search for the wisdom that guides our lives and strive wholeheartedly to stand by Christ as their teacher, who lives and reigns for ever and ever.”

The Bishop then sprinkled the main hall, entrance hall and offices with Holy Water. Accompanied by the Headteacher, Lorraine Dolan, Deputy Head, Kirsty McCreadie, and Parish Priest, Father Graeme Rowlands, Bishop Richard then said a prayer of blessing in each classroom composed by each class, and sprinkled each room with Holy Water.

The Reception class, aged 4-5, composed a blessing delivered by the Bishop, which thanked God for all the new friends they have made at their new school and for all of the learning opportunities they have, praying for help to show their friends how much they care for them and help to look after their new school.

Following the blessing of the school, the Bishop then delivered a service of thanksgiving at Holy Trinity Church, which holds a weekly Mass for the school throughout the year. The service included readings from seven pupils in which they gave thanks for their school, teachers and friends.

Lorraine Dolan, Headteacher of Holy Trinity and S. Silas School, said: “We are so grateful to the Bishop of London for blessing our new school building and delivering such an inspiring thanksgiving service. We are looking forward to our new building reflecting our enthusiasm for teaching and learning through the arts. We have also gained a newly invigorated environment for our pupils which includes an art and music room, a bigger downstairs hall for school assemblies and drama lessons. You are now led in through an entrance that reflects the spirit and heart of the school.”

Holy Trinity is a Church of England Primary school set in the heart of Camden which teaches an arts based curriculum to over 200 children ranging from Reception to Year Six.
The school community of children, parents, staff and governors are unified by the parishes they serve: Holy Trinity, which is opposite the school and S. Silas, which is in close proximity.