Bishop of London leads thanksgiving service at St. Paul’s Cathedral for the London Diocesan Board for Schools

In his role as President of the London Diocesan Board for Schools (LDBS), the Bishop of London led a thanksgiving service for their work, and in particular for the contribution of Liz Wolverson as the Director of Schools Support Services. The service also recognised the 100th anniversary of Lady Margaret’s Secondary School, the 175th anniversary of Archdeacon Cambridge’s Primary School and the 200th anniversary of Ashford Primary School.

Around 1,500 people attended the service, representing over 150 of the London Diocesan schools. Several London Diocesan schools had roles in the celebration, including Holy Trinity Tottenham Primary School Steel Pans playing before the service, the story of Ashford Primary School celebrating their 200th anniversary as told by staff and pupils and singing by the choir of Christ the Saviour School.


The Venerable Luke Miller, Chairman of the London Diocesan Board for Schools, delivered an inspiring tribute to recently retired Director of School Support Services, Liz Wolverson, during the service. Liz joined the LDBS in January 1987 and in her role as Director of School Support Services she led a team working with 156 C of E schools in the Diocese of London as well as a number of Community Schools that are affiliated to LDBS.

Following the service, Liz Wolverson said: “The last 30 years have produced change on a scale that has never been seen before and the LDBS has had to be responsive to the education agenda at all times. Although my time as the Director of Schools Support Services at LDBS came to an end last year I am continuing to work towards the development of Church of England Schools in my role as CEO of the LDBS Academies Trust. I know the LDBS will continue to lead the way in facing the challenges ahead and I am so proud of all that we achieved in providing children and young people with the best possible opportunities to shine.”


The Church of England has established and sustained schools for the people of London for hundreds of years. In 1924, the London Diocesan Board for Schools was set up to be the educational arm of the London Diocese. The function of the LDBS and aspects of its governance is set down in the Diocesan Measure that has been approved by both Parliament and the Church. Key purposes of the LDBS are “to promote church schools” and “to promote education which is consistent with the faith and practice of the Church of England”.

Liz Wolverson retired as Director, School Support Services at the LDBS in November and joined the LDBS Academies Trust (LAT) as their full-time CEO in December 2016. LAT was formed in 2012 as an academy sponsor, and now contains seven schools in the boroughs of Haringey, Barnet and Brent. The Trust has been set up to establish, maintain, carry on, manage and develop Church of England Schools.