Bishop of London joins 650 bishops from 165 countries at Lambeth Conference

Bishop of London joins 650 bishops from 165 countries at Lambeth Conference

The Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally, has attended the fifteenth Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, an international meeting of Anglican bishops from all across the globe.  

Taking place from 27th July to 7th August 2022, this event brought together over 650 bishops, representing dioceses from 165 countries of the Anglican Communion. The conference was therefore a great opportunity for bishops to meet their peers from around the world, and learn more from one another.

In comparison to 18 female bishops in attendance at the last Lambeth Conference, the Bishop of London was joined by 96 other women this year. Bishop Sarah met and heard from many of these bishops, including female clergy of the Anglican Church in Brazil, and learnt how the Bishop of the Amazon can travel up to 30 hours through the jungle to reach some of her worshipping communities.

The London Bishop also heard the powerful stories of the work of women of the Mothers’ Union, who bring peace and stability to communities across the globe where women and families have suffered from conflict.

All 97 female bishops at the Lambeth Conference 2022
Bishop Sarah meets with the Anglican bishops of Brazil
The Bishop of London reunites with the Bishop of Gloucester, just after the 7th anniversary of their consecration together

During her time at Lambeth, Bishop Sarah came together with her peers from London, Angola and Mozambique to witness the re-signing of the ALMA (Angola London Mozambique Association) Covenant with scripture and song. Originally signed on 10 July 1998, the ALMA Covenant has enhanced the links between the Diocese of London and Anglican churches in Mozambique and Angola. In the nearly 25 years since the partnership began, 44 London parishes have twinned with parishes in Angola and Mozambique and 6 schools have formally twinned, whilst others continue to develop partnerships.

Bishop Sarah with other bishops from London, Mozambique and Angola to sign the ALMA Partnership Covenant

The conference ended with a keynote address from the Archbishop of Canterbury to all attendees, in which he spoke about the importance of treasuring, teaching and transforming the world.

Commenting on her experience, the Bishop of London, the Rt Revd and Rt Hon Dame Sarah Mullally, said:

“It was a joy to come together with Anglican bishops from across the world, ranging from Sweden and South India to Ghana and Myanmar, highlighting the diversity of The Anglican Communion. We were able to learn from one another and appreciate our differences but also unify in our love of Jesus Christ and in our commitment to fight against global issues such as climate change and poverty.

“It was particularly great to see so many female bishops from across the Anglican Communion, spilling into multiple rooms one evening to eat together and speak of our experiences as female clergy and share stories of our journey with Jesus Christ. It was also a privilege to come together with the Bishops from ALMA.

“I am very grateful to every bishop and guest who travelled from all corners of the globe to attend this very special event, it is truly appreciated.”