Diocese welcomes 54 new deacons

A total of 54 clergy have joined churches across the Diocese of London following their ordination to the office of Deacon – and one is about to begin a journey to the Diocese of Melbourne where she will become the Cathedral’s curate.
The office of Deacon is often a step on the path towards priesthood and follows two to three years of training. The new Deacons will be working in churches across the Diocese of London, serving their local communities and undertaking public worship, teaching and pastoral work. After a period of around a year, a Deacon is often ordained to the priesthood. This is the fourth successive year that the Diocese has welcomed over 40 new Deacons to London’s churches, with a total of 54 being ordained. The new Deacons will serve across 47 churches.
Bishop Sarah said: “It is an honour to welcome these 54 new ordinands, with all their unique gifts and talents, to the Diocese of London. God has called them to serve the rich tapestry of people who call London home, and it will be a joy to see how they progress in their ministry. I pray that they find this next chapter as fulfilling as I did during my years as a Deacon.”