Is your church ready to welcome people from Hong Kong?

From 31 January 2021, Hong Kong residents can come to the UK for up to five years and apply for permanent residency.

At least 130,000 people are expected to migrate to the UK from Hong Kong this year. It may well be the biggest immigration to the UK since Windrush.

We know how badly the Windrush generation were welcomed, and there is a real desire to do better this time.

How can your church be Hong Kong ready?

Join the UKHK network of churches ready to welcome the new arrivals. You will gain access to training videos on what it means to give a good welcome, on working cross culturally and on Hong Kong Culture.

By signing up to be a Hong Kong Ready Church you are:
1. Committing as a church to welcoming Christians from Hong Kong who are looking for a congregation to join.
2. Offering to help new arrivals who need help settling in by training up members of the church to be welcomers.

As a diocese we will also be creating some resources to help our churches welcome people.

Visit the Hong Kong Ready website