St George’s Campden Hill celebrates 150th anniversary

The Bishop joined the team and congregation at St George’s Campden Hill in Kensington at a service and celebration to mark the 150th anniversary of the church’s consecration.

After the service, at which the Bishop gave a sermon on the history of the local area and how St George’s has served it through the changes of the past 150 years, the whole community was invited to celebrate with cakes and biscuits made in the shape of St George and the St George Cross by talented member of the congregation, Minh Tam Janssens, and her daughter.

St George’s was designed by the architect Enoch Bassett Keeling, a master of the so-called ‘Eclectic Gothic’ movement, which mixed shapes, designs and colours derived from mediaeval sources. Extensive refurbishment over the past decade has not only restored its Victorian grandeur but opened a welcoming new space at the entrance to the church and even a counter for light refreshments, cementing its place as a resource for the whole community in Campden Hill.

The Revd Dr James Heard, Priest-in-charge of St George’s, commented:

“Throughout the year we have celebrated our 150 year anniversary – of serving God and serving the community, of being a place of welcome and hospitality and proclaiming and living Christ’s message of compassionate and healing love. Our celebrations culminated with Bishop Richard’s visit. He spoke so directly into our church context – celebrating the past and encouraging us to embracing the future with confidence, compassion and creativity.”

Margaret Pritchard Houston, Families Pastor at St George’s, commented:

“Our children have been learning the story of Abraham – as Abraham welcomed his visitors with food, we followed his example and made cupcakes to share with the congregation and our own special visitor. Their enthusiasm in sharing what they’d made with others was a great example of generosity for everyone.”