The Richard Chartres Fund for London

London’s population will grow by one million people in the next six years and the Richard Chartres Fund for London, launched by the Bishop of London, aims to raise at least £1.4m to ensure that every community is supported by a confident, compassionate and creative church.

Over the last 21 years as Bishop of London, Bishop Richard has encouraged churches to be more compassionate and creative in the way they serve their parishes. As well as performing thousands of baptisms, weddings and funerals each year, clergy are often on the front line, providing people with support in their direst hour.

The Diocese of London has a permanent presence in 395 parishes. There are over 809 clergy and chaplains serving in the Diocese and 55,000 children are educated through the London Diocesean Board for Schools. Each year over 10,000 volunteers offer support for 2000,000 people. They run homeless shelters, food banks, youth clubs, fitness classes, employment support and much more. As services are being cut and the population grows, the role of the church is more important than ever. The Church provides a unique permanent presence at the heart of every community while improving the liveability of London for all Londoners.

The Richard Chartres Fund for London will be managed by the London College of Bishops and the fund is expected to be spent by 2021. It aims to grow the church, support young people and provide communities with buildings that are fit for purpose. For more information on the Fund, including how to donate, please click here.