Bishop Sarah hosts Q&A with students at her alma mater

Bishop Sarah hosts Q&A with students at her alma mater

This week, the Bishop of London met with staff and students during a visit to Woking College, where she was herself a student.

Bishop Sarah addressed the students before hosting a wide-ranging Question & Answer session, covering topics including serious violence and knife crime, and the role of the Church of England in modern British society.

The Bishop also reflected on the incendiary language used recently in Parliament, calling for mutual respect and understanding between all parties, and for collaboration between all faiths and those of non-faith to create an environment of respect and equality.

Following the visit, Bishop Sarah said:

“It was a great privilege to return to Woking College and spend time with the inspirational students and staff. I remember the passion the teachers from my own time at the college had for their students’ education, and that is something for which I will always be immensely grateful. I see that same ethos in the staff I met today, who are a fantastic asset to the college and its students.

“I was hugely impressed by the maturity and wide-ranging interests shown by the students I have spoken to. Of course, it is easy to forget that these young people are still growing up, and are often under immense pressures to do well in their studies and from social media, and it’s our job to ensure they have enough support to manage that. I was so pleased to learn about the brilliant pastoral work and support structures in place at the college which help to ensure that every student can thrive.”